Hawaii Lava Salt
Hawaii Lava Salt

Hawaii Lava Salt

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Hawaii Lava Salt

Made with deep sea salt and activated charcoal from coconut husk.

  "I’m so grateful to have Sita’s products in my life! I love everything she offers so very much. I use her black salt and rosewater spray every day and absolutely love her curry powder mix, too. The tumeric ginger orange honey is delicious. The quality of her products is top notch, you can’t go wrong."

-Jennifer, CA


Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt enhances food with a crisp, bold taste. These salts are harvested from pacific waters using traditional methods of solar evaporation, allowing the salt crystals to form with the much desired trace minerals intact.

The salt obtains its natural and dramatic coloring from activated coconut shell charcoal which is infused with the salt for its numerous health benefits which include antioxidant properties and enhanced digestive health. Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt is best used as a finishing salt for foods and desserts.

Tip: Recommended to take in the morning with warm water, lemon and a pinch of turmeric.